Why Micro Homes Are A Viable Solution For Any Community

For many reasons, “micro homes” organized into communities represent a proven and viable solution to homelessness. Not only do they help residents break the “cycle of homelessness”, but they also help to reduce societal costs related to homelessness, dramatically reduce water waste and provide a compassionate solution for the homeless.

Here are 8 reasons why micro homes are a viable solution for any community…

1. It’s a Home

They provide privacy, access to safe storage and a safe place to regain physical and emotional strength.

2. Environmentally Sustainable

Less material and less energy consumption limits pollution and waste.

3. Inexpensive to Build

Micro homes are easy to build and the materials cost less than $15K (including a bathroom).

4. Inexpensive to Operate 

It costs less than $50 per month for micro home utilities.

5. Engender Communities

Clusters of homes enable growth of a supportive community of individuals who understand the struggle of homelessness.

6. “Mobile”

A micro home can be relocated as needs change, and can be used and reused as part of an anti-homeless strategy.

7. Require Minimal Land Space

A micro home fits on a space equal to the size parking lot.

8. Enable Self-Help

Future residents can  contribute to the construction of their own home.

Successful Micro Communities

Micro communities are popping up all over the country. Want to see how they’ve succeeded? Check out our collection of case studies!