The Angelo

Housing up to 2 people, the Angelo is built to be a charmingly efficient home.

By utilizing bio-renewable energy sources (wood), its construction helps to reduce CO emissions. The molding and paint used on its exterior also make it visually attractive.

With both a durable design and materials, the Angelo provides a long life and limited maintenance.

Passive solar gain and natural ventilation are possible thanks to the large, insulated windows that we use. The walls, roof and windows also have higher R values for improved heating and cooling. Occupying minimal surface area, the Angelo provides its residents with limited exposure to cold winter winds and the hot summer sun.

Complete with hardwood flooring throughout, all the essential comforts of a home are present in the Angelo’s interior.

Its bathroom is fully-equipped and contains a functioning toilet and small shower. With a total of 4 windows – one of which being a large picture window – this home provides abundant natural light and brilliant exterior views.

Loft space, an optional inclusion, may be used for storage or as an additional sleeping space. Speaking of sleeping, this area of the home has sufficient space for a twin, or even a full-sized bed. Its kitchen area includes a sink, cabinets for storage and space for cooking appliances. For those that like to connect with nature while cooking, exterior grills can also be made available outside.
By utilizing a prefabricated “kit”, the Angelo yields construction efficiency, affordability and ease of production. The home ships unassembled to sites in measured, cut, and numbered pieces, enabling it to be standardized and somewhat customizable.

As far as the time it takes to get the Angelo up: they can be started and finished within one week. These homes can also be built using self-help labor with minimal construction experience, thereby providing employment opportunities and limited labor costs.

During the manufacture of an Angelo unit, excess wood is reduced by utilizing a computer-controlled sizing and cutting process. This also helps to reduce accidents as a result of human error.

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