Developing Homes for Hard Times

Saltbox Homes is a non-profit Real Estate Investment Trust that develops residential properties for individuals that are facing hardships in life.

You, too, can join us investing in real estate for a better community, while earning interest in return!


Based in New Jersey’s Ocean County, Saltbox Homes develops small homes for families with moderate incomes.

Simple housing solutions

The Angelo

With both a durable design and materials, the Angelo provides a long life with limited maintenance and is built to be a charmingly efficient home.

The Ecofit

The Ecofit is an economically-friendly, affordable, comfortable and prefabricated home that was designed for living-off-the-grid.

The USA 2000

Measuring at approximately 30 by 16 feet, this home contains a central wood stove that is surrounded by living, dining and kitchen areas.

Improve Existing

Saltbox Homes is able to make improvements to existing residential structures by reusing current utilities and materials.